The witness sisters who have their pastoral service in a penitentiary.

Two years ago, our archbishop, Mgr. Joseph Costanzo, invited religious and lay people to attend and give spiritual comfort to the prisoners zone. The desire of the prelate was to the very day of the of the same year. The invitation was readily accepted by the Superior, Sr. Lidia Andreis, and Hess Sr. Tecla. We thus decided to set weekly meetings that took part from twenty to thirty people between priests, religious, laity-catechists.

The response from the guests (so called them) was extremely welcome after having submitted a request had the opportunity to participate in the customary meetings in groups of ten people at most. We missionaries were divided into six sections, because the home district can accommodate up to 600 prisoners.

We started with the know to tighten up an increasingly close relationship. Our friends soon learned to pray, many had not yet received the Confirmation, so catechists have guided them on the path of preparation. Every now and was celebrated Mass in the chapel, and when someone could not participate was celebrated in a corridor section.

The next summer joined us novices clerics. The Holy Friday riuscimmo even organize a Way of the Cross in prison: divided into groups we were able to enter into individual sections and to involve young people. E 'was the most beautiful Way of the Cross of our lives, what we did understand the true suffering of Jesus.

FEAST OF SAN CAMILLO 2001 (Georgia Tbilisi)

Fr Ivan Martini

Punctual, this year has reached the feast of St. Camillus.

On 14 July the atrium of Poliambulatorio Redemptor Hominis was crowded with people: more than three hundred people have wanted to honor the patron saint of the sick.

In the presence of Papal Nuncio Msgr. Peter Stephen Zurbriggen of Bishop. Joseph Casotto and by the Italian in Georgia, Michelangelo Pipan, the Vicar General Fr Adam Ochat presided at the solemn ceremony surrounded by a large number of priests with celebrants. There were representatives of all the villages and parishes of the Catholic Georgia: Fr Mariano Florio and Sr. Mary Reine also represented the Hospital of the Camillians Ashotz in Armenia. The liturgical songs were performed, with her usual skill, the choir of the Cathedral of Tbilisi.

During the homily, Fr Adam has emphasized the figure of St. Camillus, a true giant of charity, soldiers of fortune become soldiers of Christ and his commitment to reform and in the care of the sick in Rome in 1500.

Since then the camilliani continue her work caring and teaching to heal, with the love of Christ, the sick in the five continents of the Earth.

San Camillo was proclaimed by the Church as the heavenly patron of the sick and those who care for them (doctors and nurses).

At the end of the Sacred Rite, a nice refreshment brought together all in fun.


Fr Ivan Martini

Recalling the invitation of Bishop Mgr. Pasotto, who has proclaimed 2001 the year in Georgia voluntary, camilliani and Daughters of St. Camillus Poliambulatorio Redemptor Hominis Tbilisi have created a group of about thirty volunteers for the home care of the poor and the sick. Under the careful direction of Sr. Corina, since the beginning of each day, two or three young people travelling to ambulance at the houses of the poorest among the sick who can not travel to Poliambulatorio, giving them medical service, nursing and social, according to the spirit of the Holy sick, San Camillo de 'Lellis.

The poor are helped in their personal cleaning is clean their homes, we will prepare for their meals and washed linens.

When necessary, a doctor of Poliambulatorio went with them to provide its specialized service, while Corina Sr. is the nurse who solves their small daily problems of health.

In collaboration with the Ambassador in Georgia around Malta, some months will be delivered to their address of fresh bread bakery prepared by Caritas Georgia.

This service is certainly a drop of water in the "great sea" of local needs, but as the water of the sea is made up of an infinite number of drops, so hopefully with time, reaching even where today we can not reach…

The road is now open! Young people and women who wanted to donate some 'of their time as volunteers, even if only once a week or every two weeks, they can contact Sr. Corina phone number 602908 Tbilisi.

The Lord, who assured her prize, who will give a single glass of fresh water to his brother for his love, will reward such generosity as he alone knows to do.